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Does this word really need defining? If you don't no what it means then read the following:

1. Something that is mingin' is grosse and manky.
2. Someone who is mingin' is a minger and is ugly or a minger is somebody who has done something mingin'.

mingin' is the cool way of saying minging.
Eating black sausage, liver or kidney in a meal is totally mingin'!
by EJW August 11, 2006
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Something that is prettinesses is thought to be both pretty and cute at the same time. Usually commented by a girl. It is a shortened way of saying "that is really pretty and cute!"
A friend shows her best mate her brand new bag which is decorated with glittery thread and sequins. The friend comments "aww prettinesses!
by EJW August 11, 2006
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duck(s) are the best animals that ever lived and ever will live! The best variety of species is the rubber yellow duck or the pastic yellow duck. Its habitat? The bath. Confined to this area it has a happy life bopping in the warm bubbly water. But there are problems: suds in their beaks!

um there are many types of duck(s).... rubber ducks, plastic ducks, mallard ducks, river ducks with their chicks, the tree nesting ducks of finland (amazing i know!) and um all ducks!

MOST FAMOUS DUCK: "The duck" of "the famous canal boat".

by EJW August 12, 2006
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The art of trying to get endless little dudes to reproduce and mame each other while you play god.
The girl cast her symmetry upon the builder and a full moon appeared.
by EJW June 26, 2005
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