adjective used to express high enthusiasm over someone, some place, some thing, etc.
she's so stinkin' cute!
by jaybie April 8, 2004
said before another phrase to tell how crazy or exciting it is
"man i just lit the barbecue and the flames were stinkin 3 feet high!"
by el zupano June 26, 2003
Used to discribe something or someone that is not to taste
"her outfit was stinkin"
"stop being so stinkin an take that shot"
"you'd better stop julia cause she actin all stinkin"
by OPHELIA-slug July 26, 2008
Someone from the South who may or may not cut their own hair with a wooden spoon.
You don't call me Stinkins when I'm charge pharmacist.
by Old man Jittles May 14, 2016
During the act of anal sex, just before climax, particpant 1 withdraws their penis and places it under the nose of participant 2 ejaculating into their nasal passge. Participant 2 snorts ejaculant into their throat and proceeds to spit it back up into partipant 1's mouth
Bob gave Kimmie a Stinkin' Minken as a special treat.
by Mark Preston September 13, 2004