that annoying smart asian (of course he's asian) who studies for like that exam that determines whether you go to university of not for 5 minutes during lunchtime and still gets a higher mark than you.
Nerd: Do ya wanna study with me at the library today?
Annoying Kid: Nah, I think I'll just pull a ming
by theanonymouschickowow September 11, 2019
Verb, infinitive; to ming.
Present continuative tense: minging
Simple present tense: mings.

1. to smell badly
2. to be drunk (usu. used in past tense)
3. to be generally distasteful

This word is widely used in the North of England and Scotland.

Etymology: variation of meng, mong and mongoloid, yet with no racist or discriminatory overtones.
The noun is not *mingoloid, rather it is derived from this verb: minger, q.v.
"By God I ming today!"
"I was minging last night!"
"Those sandwiches are minging!"
by Richie December 11, 2003
Another word for shit, predominately used as a verb
Hector: "WHOA, I have to ming really bad"
Lionel: "So your saying you have to lay a dynasty?"
by Limblessless August 25, 2006
a person who is oblivious af, cant perceive anything happening around him. full immunity to ordinary cultural references to the point of not knowing what krptonite is
Me: i wonder does he know we took his phone
friend: nah.... hes ming.... he dunno shit
by feilou October 16, 2017
Slang term popular among Italian-Americans in New York and New Jersey. The short form of minchia (the Sicilian word for the penis), usually used to show disappointment or surprise.
I tell him how to do it five times, and he still screws it up. Ming, what a friggin' stunad.
by stop it loser August 26, 2007
A person who looks, acts and feels like a tree. He is incapable of feeling human emotion like Beyonce.He has an almost inhuman stomach. His biggest weakness is chinese food.
Person 1: Eat this gum I found on the ground.
Ming: Sure why not.
Person 1: Eat this Chinese food I got at Panda Express
Ming: *Runs away quickly*
by D0G31337 January 30, 2018