The act of going down on a woman, i.e., eating her cunt. (portuguese)
O Tiago fez um minete à namorada - Tiago ate his girlfriend's pussy
by Marquis de Carabas January 5, 2004
A word used for kids that play to much minecraft
Cole plays to much minecraft, he has minetism.
by Karsdaddy March 16, 2017
i knew he was a minet minou because he was sly and discreet.
by jeanpaul February 9, 2012
Ja$mineT is a trill rap group straight outta northern Wisconsin. This group consists of four group members (identities are secret), they are also known as "The Whole Food Co-op" all lyrics are 100% original with hella organic flow. You can find their lyrical geniuses on hits dropping all the time #WORLDTAKEOVER.
"Yo Ja$mineT just recorded a hot new track! They lyrics on Whole Food Co-op Organic current."
"Ja$mineT aka The Whole Food Co-op dopest midwest spittas out there!"
by Whole Food Co-op November 25, 2013