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A word that Neil Degrasse Tyson gave to when the sun aligns with the Manhattan East-West Grid System. It is also known as the Manhattan Equinox, or the Manhattan Solstice.
Let's go outside, today is Manhattanhenge, you don't see this very often! Hey, you could take the photo and post it to Instagram, or twitter.

Fine! if I post this photo on Instagram, I better get more followers !
by autistic nerd 1991 July 11, 2016
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An abnormal Fear of becoming a pedophile, or fear of pedophiles if you have children near you. could be related to OCD or other anxiety disorders. Symptoms include researching about pedophiles, it could lead to pedophobia if it gets too severe, which is a fear of children.
Patient to their Psychologist, What is the name of fear of becoming pedophile?

Psychologist: "let me make up a term here, let's coin it Pedophilaphobia , maybe it may even become a new word in the Webster dictionary one day!

OCD patient, " I am so pumped that I potentially helped you make literary history!
by autistic nerd 1991 March 30, 2015
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A GMO crop, for example corn that is used as a pesticide and also as a food source for farmers who don't want to use pesticide sprays on their crops to save money, used by companies like Monsanto.
Damn, you don't know where that corn came from, it could be poison like a Pesticrop from Monsanto, or some other GMO shit like that, buy organic, dude and save nature!
by autistic nerd 1991 May 24, 2015
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To giggle and purr, especially simultaneously when being tickled and caressed during foreplay, or entirely non-sexual situations , or just making that sound intentionally just to be funny.
Aww! Look at them Purgigle! They’re soo cute when they are purgigling, let’s tickle and rub their belly some more!
by autistic nerd 1991 June 08, 2019
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being happy and angry at the same time, ie having mixed emotions.
I got a job, but my friend is spreading false rumors about me I am happy and angry the same time, damn I must be hapgry
by autistic nerd 1991 March 11, 2015
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A state of high anxiety with people prone with Autism or very sensitive to sound, which is caused by abnormally high frequency brain waves. During high beta alertness, the person may become perceptive enough to hear their own brain waves, and only the sound of either a low frequency, or a calming voice may take them out of this state of anxiety. It can sometimes not be caused by an anxious episode, but it can make a person feel anxious, since in a quiet environment the high pitch humming akin to Tinnitus can be heard at times.
Doc, I am hearing this weird ringing in my ears , every time I get stressed out when I am in a quiet room.

Your EEG scan showed that you have have High Beta Alertness by since your ears are really perceptive due to your hyper-sensitive hearing and your EEG shows that the frequencies inside your head are loud enough for your Cochlea to pick up, since your Cochlea is very sensitive to high pitch sound and low pitch sound, so therefore you can hear form -20DB to over 25,000 DB as your hearing sensitivity is off the charts!
by autistic nerd 1991 August 16, 2015
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Derogatory statement used by abusive scumbags, usually relatives against people who are obese/overwieght.
Yo, fatshole! How many times do I have to tell you, don't breathe so loudly, you're giving me damn headache

Call me that one more time, and I will show you what this "Fatshole is capable of, when I beat your ass into a coma!
by autistic nerd 1991 April 01, 2017
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