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The hottest ass girl in your class.
Damn! You see mindi? She be looking good, son.
by anonymous November 29, 2004
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Mindi is an amazing person she’s is one of the most trustworthy persons you well ever meet . She’s also super sweet if u get to her good side if you don’t she might seem like a bitch to you but she isn’t . She’s also not afraid to say what she means . She’s also a great friend and a great best friend.
Mindi is an amazing human being
by Ummm....idk May 19, 2018
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Mindi’s are sweet, caring, generous, kind, helpful and so much more you want a Mindi in your life. Mindi’s care about you way more than themselves. They can be in pain but you would think that they are perfectly fine because they hide it. Mindi’s devote themselves to god. They have beautiful curly red hair. And they are amazing moms they go through so much that they don’t deserve. I had a Mindi and my life that I will never forget.
by Mindi’s daughter January 17, 2019
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