hot, sexy, cool, smart , beautiful chicky babe
by Anonymous September 2, 2003
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i was talking to a mim chick before
by Misty November 6, 2003
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an exclamation of sadness much the same as "oh"

your chocolate bar just fell on the floor mate in some fluff. mim

i cant go to your house later. mim

my mum wont let me see my boyfriend. mim

(over MSN / Aim etc. to a contact) aww mim i gotta go now my dad wants to have a surf.
by ..milly.. March 6, 2007
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A poser, someone who mimics you. A fake.
Gosh! Shes such a mim! she has that Green Day shirt, but she doesn't even like them!
by Edward cullen March 8, 2007
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msn instant messanger (like aim and yim only with msn)
im gunna go chat on mim
by wukigerhurger May 14, 2005
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Mediocre rapper, horrible lyricist, damn fine producer.

Contradictory to popular belief, MIMS is actually his last name (his full name being Sean Mims), later abbreviated to stand for Music is my Savoir. MIMS released his first album "Music is My Savoir" in March of 2007 with singles such as "This Why I'm Hot", "I Did You Wrong", and "It's Alright". He is most known for his song "This is Why I'm Hot" (possibly the worst song ever written, controversially written before he was hot) which was incredibly sucessful. MIMS is known for his annoying repetition of the last word of each line (see example), mainstream lyrics, and incredible production skills. Currently signed to EMI/Capital Records. Proof that anyone can hit #1 on Billboard if they have a good producer, regardless of lyrical content and talent (see 50 Cent for another example).
Suggested Listening: "It's Alright" (excellent production)
"This is why I'm Hot 2x
This is why 2x Uh
This is why I'm Hot (Uh)
This is why I'm Hot 2x Whoo
This is why 2x
This is why I'm Hot"

"I'm hot cause I'm fly (fly)
You ain't cause you're not (Mims)
This is why 2x
This is why I'm hot 2x
This is why I'm hot"

"I don't gotta rap (rap)
I can sell a mill saying nothing on the track (track)"

This song makes Tupac and Biggie turn over in their graves.
by theonlysaneoneleft April 1, 2007
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Descriptive acronym applied to
Fender(R) guitars and basses of Mexican manufacture. i.e. Made In Mexico
Put a set of decent pickups in an MIM P-Bass and its almost as good as having the real thing.
by Geffy May 5, 2005
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