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A Program, "Yahoo Instant Messenger" Used by many people, refered to as "Yim"
You're now Logged into Yim!
by Brian October 14, 2003
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Yahoo Instant Messenger.
A fairly decent IM, good uptime. Overall- better than AIM.
asshat- "Hey wotz ur yim//? wanna cyber?/ lololloz1!!2"
by Freak Obscene April 25, 2004
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Something incredibly amazing; intense, or enjoyable.
Person 1: Did you see 17 Again?

Person 2: Yeah! It was like, beyond yims!!

Both: PARTY!
by Paco+Pepe August 04, 2009
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Yims, slang for you or yours

Official Bub language

Created by Cortinas
Would yims like a pickle?
Is this yims?
Love yims!
by MadamServo March 01, 2019
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