to work on a menial task at a pace where you will (or won't) finish, until your shift ends, for instance.
Normally it wouldn't take anyone 2 hours to clean the bathroom, but George milked it out so someone else would have to clean the broiler during closing.
by Andy Mack April 12, 2005
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- adjective

A term used by Milked Out Outfitters to describe the state of having enough milk in which a baby wants grown-up food. Being over milk; fed up with milk.
Baby Justin is milked out, he wants tacos.
by MOO_Baby December 23, 2020
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Opposite of "Murdered Out" color combination on a vehicle. White on white with white rims, the preferred color scheme to coke dealers.
Cat's named Pablo in Milked Out Diablo's.
by The Real Frank White March 11, 2010
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To milk out or get frothed is to smoke weed and get high.
by Milked out December 25, 2021
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When one ejaculates just outside the vagina.
Damn,I was gonna blow in her but then I decided to milk out!
by Dougie 88 June 18, 2019
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To go from one topic to another without any sort of coherence.
"Dude, I was talking to your mom yesterday, and I really like bananas."

"Man, you can totally Make Milk out of Clay"
by Incoherence October 28, 2009
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To take the milk out the cupboard, means to perform the act of male masturbation.
Last night, hope was taking the milk out the cupboard.

And got a sticky hand.
by hol&jess<3hope September 21, 2011
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