when your hand is sticky
I have a sticky hand
by Kentrowl November 5, 2019
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I had sticky hands when I was watching some hentai last night.
by betaPoltergeist February 20, 2015
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A name you use for someone who indulges themselves in a sexual way alot
"Ew this guy just sent my a pick of his...semen"
"Classic sticky hands!"
by <3mark March 31, 2019
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the art of blowing a load in your partners hand and then having her lick it off. while taking a shit.
Dan-hey i just blew a load. oh yay im on the potty

Josh-so you gave her a pakistan sticky hand?
by Dinosaur Dan June 9, 2009
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when your enjoying a hike through the wilderness, and happen to spot an exceptionally attractive member of the female sex, you proceed to take their hands and apply them to wet sap excreting from a nearby tree, thusly rendering them immobile, and allowing you to have your way with this female.
"your hot lets fuck"|
"ew no"
(man finds wet sap and applies the woodland sticky hands technique)
"take it all"
by hollywoodDIPSET October 8, 2008
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when you ejaculate into your own or someone else's hand and then use it as lube
Dude, Ricardo gave me a sticky hand last night, it was everywhere
by __nips__ April 19, 2021
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When you are fisting someone and you pull out chunks of something like when you are scooping out a pumpkin
Last night with Eric, I got sticky pumpkin hands
by tater_anne October 1, 2017
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