Individuals or groups of people who sit next to you in cinemas or on public transport when there are plenty of other free seats available.
I was at the cinema alone the other day when about eight space invaders came and sat right next to me.
by Nick VD October 26, 2006
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A classic arcade game where you pilot a spaceship, at the bottom of the screen, shooting aliens that fly from a formation above you and dodging their own projectiles. I can't believe no one has tried to define this term yet.
(Example is from The Simpsons):

Willy: It's impossible for me to fire a pistol. If you'll check me medical records, you'll see I have a cripplin' arthritis in me index fingerrrs. Look at 'em! holds them up I got it from "Space Invaders" in 1977.

Wiggum: Aw, yeah. That was a pretty addictive video game.

Willy: surprised Video game?
by Dark Laith December 6, 2004
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When two dudes bang missionary and the top jerks off the bottom.
My boyfriend love playing Space Invaders together! He's real good with joystick.
by slave.of.ganon February 4, 2018
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To lie under a female with her legs and therefore vagina spread open directly above a male's penis; the male urinates up into the vagina hitting the Clit and her G-Spot. The man must be Erected.
Ben was playing space invaders with Jane as she was shaking her hips side to side to make it more challenging
by Krinkinit April 20, 2009
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A guy or gal that uncomfortably invites themselves into your personal air space, especially on a first date.
Friend - "How was the date?"
Me - "Horrible; at dinner, he sat, like, two inches away instead of across from me. Ick - what a space invader!"
by Kim K January 16, 2006
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The most epic, nerdiest way reference to having sex
Mankumar rims Ella
Mankumar is a space invader
by Ol' Dirty Gregstard December 10, 2010
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