An attempt by the Islamic community, which is involved in the UN, to wrest humanity of its right to free speech and criminalize those who publicly oppose Islam.
The Sharia Law will be a binding resolution if passed for all countries in the United Nations!

Really? Then we have to do something to stop it from infringing upon our constitutional rights!
by nickrd182 March 18, 2009
The new drag name of Vernon L. Reed, of San Francisco, who got his shit stolen and felt like chopping off the hands of the thief, despite the former's propensity for peacefulness and love.
Vernon ducked into the phone booth at the sight of the liquor store robbery and came out in his burka and his alter-ego, Sharia Law.
by KremeDementia January 8, 2012
a set of rules

which are meant to organise the life of Muslims (which the chosen nation has alike btw , Jews) within their communities and in the society as whole.

includes compulsorily giving a certain amount of earnings and savings as a charity, eating halal food (like kosher as jew do), and some rules which can be seen strict (as some may consider) like chopping off the theif hand (which has 16 conditions MUST be all fulfilled)
Hey Ahmed, how much money sharia (or sharia law) said we should give as a charity?
by Error 404 v2 January 17, 2019