Person who used to live in the digital stone age and got displaced into the computer era - usually considers sending e-mails a personal feat of epic proportions and visualizes "Space Invaders" when thinking of computer games.

Often politicians advocating for the regulation of technological advances they don't understand.
Germany's Minister of Justice, Brigitte Zypries, is an e-migrant: When asked by a child reporter about her favorite browser in 2007, she had to turn to one of her colleagues and ask what browsers are.
by detrius June 22, 2009
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Person who migrates from one social media platform to another.

Example: viners migrating from vine to other platforms
Often tries to bring the culture from their old platform to the new one, without realizing that no-one cares about vine. They just don't quite fit in. This can cause people to dislike them as a whole and use their old social media title (e.g. viners) as a label to mock someone.
All these Vine e-migrants are really invading the platform...
When did Genius start caring about Viners?
by DragonBlast499 May 21, 2020
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