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Cecilia is a person with a good heart. She tries hard to make everyone feel content and feels "guilty' when she can't. She will get annoyed if you take something to seriously and/or are over dramatic. She likes chill and relaxed people. She feels left out sometimes. She is shy and isolated at times, but when you get to know her, you get to see that she is a loud and happy person. She will always listen and be there when you need someone. She tries hard to understand what your going through. She is a very loyal and intelligent person (even if she doesn't show it at school). Once you meet her you won't be able to forget her. She is patient and she loves to help out. If you meet her, treasure her and she will do the same to you.
Person 1:I feel like Cecilia is really quiet and sad all the time...
Person 2: Trust me, Cecilia is loud and crazy!!
by anonymousandnonexistent November 17, 2018
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Is the name given to the most craziest girl you'll ever meet (in a good way). Someone who is a rebel without a cause, and a free spirit. She's weird. You wont be missing anything if you're with her. Cecilia is a mixture of both beauty and a great personality. She is very rare, which makes her special. She's the kind of person that is caring towards others when she wants to, has a good sense of humor, fun to be around with, and mysterious in some ways. If you need someone to talk to, she will be there 100% of the time with you. Cecilia is also very shy at first, but once you get to know her, you'll see that she's the loudest animal living on this planet. She'd rather be the bro in the girl world, and doesn't care about what others think of her, she likes to be her own judge. She makes you do things that you've never done before. Cecilia is a girl who is obsessed with boys, bands, actors, AKA she is a fangirl. She seems to always claim that she isn't obsessing. She is a blessing in the lives of all those that are privileged to have her in their life. If you're lucky enough to have her in your life, make sure you keep her because you wont be able to find anyone else like her.
Cecilia! I could hear you from down the street!

What do you think you're doing, Cecilia?

Cecilia, where did you get your creativity from?

I think Cecilia had the best personality throughout the whole season.
by qazwsxa July 11, 2013
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A mysteriously beautiful woman. She is calm, collected, and classy. She has a gorgeous face and one of the most amazing bodies, causing every man's head to turn. However, the best part about her is her pure soul. She can have anyone she wants, but she is incredibly faithful and loyal to the one she chooses. Her word and actions always match and no matter what, she will always be there for you. She is the type of woman to put a smile on your face, and relax you at the end of the day. If you let her go, you will regret it until the day you die. Cecilia is the type you want to marry.
Guy 1: Damn! Do you see that girl!?
Guy 2: She has the best ass I've ever seen!!
Guy 3: Yeah, that ass is fat, but what's better is her intellect. She's a Cecilia!
by LittleMissFoxy January 11, 2011
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A funny, smart, cute girl who attracts all the boys. She seems to be girly but she is also tough. She is low in her confidence, and heartbroken so she is always blushing and looking down.
Cecilia is so awkward.
by karatekid3499 March 21, 2015
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A super hot and fashionable girl. A heartbreaker. Loves her life. Can get any guy she wants. Also a name for one with powers to see the future
"Dude, you have to go meet Cecilia shes a sex god"
by Chris Havie September 29, 2009
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A girl who is good at launguages, good at sport, and loves being with friends. Comes from the Saint Cecilia. Pantran Saint of Music. She can get any guy she wants, and is a party animal people love being around her! She falls inlove very easily!
Guy: Oi, look at that girl
Guy2 : she looks like a Cecilia

Guy: How can you tell?
Guy 2: Becasuse she is so pretty... i want her!
by loveme!<3 September 09, 2010
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