Where you are completley dead since it is 7am and it is usually your hardest class of the day
Ugh 1st period . Why do you exist
by riceballlover October 26, 2017
The worst part of the day that just gets you prepared for 4 more days of the week filled with pain and tourture.
In 1st period i was sad knowing ill have to do this 5 morw times 4 days, of every week
by Bapy boomer December 28, 2019
where everybody does no work and laughs all period
that was fun
what was
mrs boisverts 1st period
by popsawesome November 19, 2019
Playing crappy unblocked games on a school tech device in class because your bored and don't wanna do work.
She was 1st period gaming during math so she could be occupied.
by Webster's Father's Father October 26, 2020
It's when you use your school's tech Devices to play unblocked games that are 99% so bad.
In Math Today, I was 1st Period Gaming, because math is always so boring.
by Webster's Father's Father October 26, 2020