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The hottest of the hots live in Meadowbrook. Filled with the million dollar houses, do NOT confuse it with Jenkintown or Rockledge (ghetto town) even though we share the same 5- digits. All of us party like there isn't any tomorrow, live like we're dying, shop till we drop, drive in the newest Benz, Audi. Some of our pops even zoom around town in the Bentley. It all about the MEADOW-not to be confused with the cheap apartments of the same name in H-valley. We are SO not cheap people.
Girls driving daddy's car, wearing the newest designer threads, Tiffany's Jewels, and don't forget the newest designer BAG! Guys hosting way too much parties in their McMansions and smoking a bit too much weed. Its a mix of HOT cultures and religions. We all one love BABY!
by That's Hot March 7, 2005
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It's referrering to one's mother. And how she needs to do her dog.And is not referring to your mother at home
OMG YOUR MOM! She's such a hoe!
by That's Hot March 8, 2005
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Spanish for shit.
Used in other forms....
Colombians clean it up a bit.... they say Miercoles...in case mommy and daddy are around... Miercoles = Mierda. Miercoles is also Spanish for Wednesday... I guess Wednesday is full of SHIT
by That's Hot March 7, 2005
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