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synonym for a guy without much game
"Dude that mier guy must have blue balls by now."

"A+ for effort, mier."
by eel ecila December 28, 2009
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a popular Chinese and Japanese term, occasionally used in exclusive regions of Canada and United States, to describe someone or something that is particularly adept or experienced.

In many occasions, people who are described as mier mold to the generic stereotypes of an Asian (good grades, plays piano, tennis, violin etc.), but also displays white behavior (social, party animal, sense of humor, perverted etc.)
"Man, my friend was really miering it up last night at the party! He played a wicked piece backwards and blindfolded on the piano and chugged 9 bottles of Red Bull before throwing up in the bathroom and coming back for more"

"Dude, I wish my wang was as mier as that"
by Hammered Sushi March 14, 2009
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An absolute failure. Especially one who is repeatedly given a chance but fails regardless.

Also can be used as miered.

From Seattle Seahawk quarterback Rick Mier.
The DARE program is another government mier.

The Bush Administration really miered its foriegn policy.
by Andy Galuska May 13, 2004
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