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No you idiot... Sativa produces a more clear headed, cerebral high as opposed to Indicas which produce the narcotic couchlock high we all know and hate. Although most people prefer sativas, Indicas are more common in the U.S. because of their smaller size which makes them either to grow indoors. Sativas grow in the wild in tropical climates, and the best come from the equatorial regions of SE Asia.
Me and my stoner friends went on a journey through Vietnam in search of the perfect Sativa high.
by Illadelphia boyee February 08, 2005
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a plant containing the delta 9 tetra-hydro-cannabinol chemical, a defense mechanism that temporarily poisons little creatures that attempt to consume the plant's budding flowers
That bunny started tripping after it attacked my cannabis sativa plant.
by Zyrcon May 21, 2004
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Otherwise Known As: Marijuana, Weed, Green, Chop, Dope, Gunja, Reefer, Roach, Pot etc.
Method: There are many different ways of smoking weed, the most common being in a bong, pipe or joint (otherwise known as a ‘Blunt’, ‘Doobie’ or ‘Spliff’), you can also eat it by itself of mixed into muffins, biscuits, brownies or any other sweet baked treat.
Reaction Time: Smoking: Near Instant, Eating: 20-40 Minutes.
Effects: Green is one of the best drugs, in my personal opinion, ever. It is a very good start-out drug, as it has a very mellow, calming affect, it is the most “soft” illegal drug known at this point, and it is impossible (at this point in time) to overdose. When you are high on this drug, you feel different than normal, and this is accentuated more depending on how much you have/can handle. Sometimes you can ‘trip’ which basically (very basically, as it can be different for everyone) means your mind can float off on a tangent, and not return for some time, whether this be minutes, seconds, or hours (although this has never really been proven as your perception of time also tends to change with the help of dope). No one’s reaction is the same, and no one will get the same effects. Best advice is to try it out and just see what happens.
Once when I was stoned I said

"Yeah yeah, we'll have more, in an hour or half an hour... whichever one comes first."

That's Cannabis Sativa.
by Nikki_Likes_To_Go-Go! October 09, 2006
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The most common weed found. This weed originated from South America (i'm pretty sure) and is a more stoned/blazed high, where-as the Indica high is more mellow but equally as good.
by Root January 08, 2003
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