a unit of measurement: equal to 3 feet and 65 lbs.
I am 2 midgets tall. I weigh 2 and 1/3midget or little people. It snowed almost 2 midgets in philadelphia last week. Instead of a ruler I use a midget
by jewcakes44 February 14, 2010
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People with a height disadvantage that are used for tall men to place their balls.
Oh, my balls hurt let me rest them on my midget.
by anth3m April 04, 2011
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a small person used for kicking around and also used for betting with.
1. Umm, Billy, I lost your kickball. Oh, its ok, i got some midgets in the shed.
2. I raise you 3 midgets and 50 cents.
by Jared and Daniel September 04, 2004
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A very small person who lives amongst us. They can be of any age or gender however they are tiny and petite for whatever age they may be.

Midget can also be used as an offence against dwarfs but this is rearely used.
Person 1: You are such a legit midget.
Person 2: I know, I am so tiny!
by IπŸ’–building March 07, 2015
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Modern-day "dwarves".
"Don't piss off a midget. They may look small but they're actually high-jumpers, and they know how to kick ass."

"Midgets can also kick their own heads. Look at Wee Man from Jackass! ^_^ "
by Dave June 21, 2004
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often referred to as 'elfitis' midgets are defined as being vertically challenged and the center of most perverse porno films with low quality.
I just saw a 'midget' in a jar of jelly with 2 fat women
by reveal September 21, 2007
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