midgets, the perfect object to punt into a wall
that midget stole me gold!!!
by Pakidz December 07, 2006
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noun-a being which packs twice the sexiness of a normal human into a considerably smaller frame.
Unlike monkeys, midgets are eye level to everything good in life.
by Anonymous August 01, 2003
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Midget is a term otherwise used to describe such one as a donut.
"Look over there, its a midget"
" Nah ow bro I think its a donut"
by The Donut Factory October 19, 2012
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having a big ass forehead, having short legs and being 5'3 head ass
keivn is a midget head ass.
by _Fuck_Kevin_ October 18, 2019
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What you call someone shorter than you no matter what their height is. Usually this person isn't actually a midget, unless of course you want your achilles tendon cut out when you're not looking down.
Hey you might be a "midget" now but you'll grow up some day. How old are you again? 22? Oh well....
by Itsutsu Kami May 14, 2011
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