anywhere that isn't the city. suburbs, countryside, small towns. places nobody's heard of unless they live there.
my car broke down and i'm fucking stranded in the middle of nowhere.
by superflychick June 3, 2006
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Where they put rapist's.
Don't buy a house next to the middle of nowhere, There's rapist in those empty fields!
by White Vato August 2, 2006
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a remote area, a very isolated place
These people sure do live in the middle of nowhere.
by Light Joker October 7, 2005
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Where you are when you're lost, but you've found a town.
"A date? A DATE!? How do you expect me to get a date? We're in the buttfuck middle of nowhere!"
by Bendio October 24, 2008
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In the center of a large area with no notable economic, social, geographic, cultural, or other values. The "Fucking" aspect of the phrase is usually associated with the frustration that comes with being located in the "Nowhere" that is being referred to.
"Jesus fucking scrotum-christ, where's the map?! We're in the middle of fucking nowhere!!!"
by tormentorofsouls666 March 26, 2010
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To be in the middle of Buttfuck nowhere.
Hillbilly country.

To be on an isolated place in the middle of nowhere.
Well done Terry, now the car's smashed up and we're IN THE MIDDLE OF BUTTFUCK NOWHERE, all because you had to hotbox THE FUCKING CAR WHILE DRIVING... WITH THE WINDOWS UP! FUCK YOU TERRY. FUCK YOU.

Just like that Hillbilly's over there's going to do.
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A place located in such an obscenely obscure part of the world that one would rather fuck his/her own sister/brother than to even fathom venturing to it for any reason. At all. Ever.
Ted: Hey man, can you take me home?
Bob: Sure bro, where do you live?
(Ted gives his address)
Bob: No way, man. That's in the middle-of-ass nowhere. Good luck finding someone to haul your ass all the way out there.

Carla: Oh shit, we're lost. And we're in the middle-of-ass nowhere.
Brandon: Oh God, I'd legitimately rather be fucking my own sister than sitting here.
Carla: I AM your sister, Brandon.
Brandon: ...I'll grab the condoms from the truck.
by HamStatler March 25, 2011
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