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not necesarily a conformist. prep really has to do with where u go to school and how much money ur family has (i'd say that preps are typically upper middle class).

preps are generally sheltered, by parents, teachers, ect. that's why they don't have much life experience and a prep's life is not particularly interesting. hence the extra-curriculars- the idea is to fill up ur time, and then since u have something to do, u think ur not so boring after all.

unfortunatly tho, u are.

a prep isn't necesarily interested in school/ grades. in fact, a lot of preps are lazy. altho, that's often just what they say, because in the end, most of them care, even if it's just a little bit.

also, not all preps are posers. they're not genuine fakers- most of them realize they're losers.

basically, don't hate preps- we hate ourselves enough already.
it sucks ass to be a prep.
by superflychick May 31, 2006
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anywhere that isn't the city. suburbs, countryside, small towns. places nobody's heard of unless they live there.
my car broke down and i'm fucking stranded in the middle of nowhere.
by superflychick June 3, 2006
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a store that sells overpriced clothes that u could get way cheaper elsewhere.
milo and claire were voted 'most likely to practically sleep in abercrombie'. the funny part is that it's true.
by superflychick May 30, 2006
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a pill that a girl generally takes to prevent pregnancy. if ur on it, ur body basically thinks ur pregnant. also, it's basically hormones, so when you're on it, you gain weight like fuck and are prone to extreme moodiness.
jane gained 20 pounds when she went on the pill.
by superflychick June 1, 2006
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confused + puzzled + -lated?

confuzzled with a '-lated' added on the end for fun.
i was so confuzzlated in math class cuz all the numbers on the board don't mean jackshit.
by superflychick June 1, 2006
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life's what you make it
-Talk Talk
life could be anything, some of it's how you're brought up and the rest is up to you.
by superflychick June 3, 2006
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