Offically in Olde English it means dung heap or cess pit. Popular insult in the North of Ireland and Scotland and often used to describe any slovenly mess including persons.
Look at yer mans front yard, it looks like a f***in' midden.
by duff January 13, 2004
scottish word for a cess pit, rubbish pile or compost heap
by fgf November 17, 2003
Scottish word for Slut/Slag.
She's a midden!
by VengaPiR8 August 30, 2003
1. Originally a Scottish word meaning a rubbish heap.
2. A particularly unattractive person, a mess. Often used to describe oneself after consuming alcohol.
"I was such a drunken midden last night."
by sarah May 8, 2004
A midden has nothing to do with sexual proclivity. It is english/scottish -- similar to the American expression "dufuss" (not sure of spelling)
by roba November 1, 2003
A wee grey haired Scotsman who does what he's told.
Right midden, get the bevy in..
by Anonymous October 22, 2003
1.An unsightly mess.
2.An extremely unattractive female
3.A football stadium of ill repute where the great unwashed gather bi-weekly.
1.Haven't you tidied your room yet?.It's a midden!.
2.Wouldnae touch her with yours mate,she's a right midden.
3.Parkhead in the East end of Glasgow.Commonly referred to as "The Midden".
by Campioneofglasgow March 28, 2008