4 definitions by roba

A midden has nothing to do with sexual proclivity. It is english/scottish -- similar to the American expression "dufuss" (not sure of spelling)
by roba November 1, 2003
EVE-Online's most raped allaince. Xetic carebears tend to take it up the ass. When not crok-whoaring Xetic can be found reciving mushroom tatoos via a good cock slap from BoB or FoE.

(Xetic is also know fo their obsession with man love)
Xetic: OMG, u've taken our man hood u mean pirate mean peoples!!!
by roba April 10, 2005
Group sex in a hotel room. Often accompanied by cocaine and prostitutes.
-Hey remember when we had that Las Vegas sleepover?

-You mean the time when that hooker named Kim stole all our blow?
-That's the one!
by roba June 3, 2014
The classic EVE corp whipping boy. Usually gay and a total asshole. Can sometimes be found smack talking like hellwarrior but lacks the skills to back it up.
by roba March 23, 2005