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Offically in Olde English it means dung heap or cess pit. Popular insult in the North of Ireland and Scotland and often used to describe any slovenly mess including persons.
Look at yer mans front yard, it looks like a f***in' midden.
by duff January 13, 2004
a snuggler is a girl that is usually found a party plastered drunk after she has like 3 drinks, Snugglers can also be found activly serching for men in malls, colleges, and just about any public place. The term snuggler referrs to the snugglers tendancy to crave penis to the point that they will acctually snuggle with it while they flirt with guys on a couch or in the back of a car. The first documented snuggler was a girl named Diane that goes to the University of Delaware. While drinking in my friends dorm room she started takeing her clothes off and then snuggled the guy on the end of the couch, she then reached over and started grabbing my dick. She also had a boyfriend at the time (this makes her a dirty snuggler). At parties there are often a few snugglers that are lored out by the smell of free booze, but there is always the "supersnuggler" she is often the one that can be found pole dancing in the basement of a frat house or getting the train ran on her in a back bedroom somewhere. Watch out for snugglers because they often carry STD's like anal clumidia, and nipple herpes. snugglers often travel in groups of two or more and can be identified by their expossed thongs and personal bottle of KY Jelly in their purse. duff bt lee rolf wysockbutcher
hey look at that snuggler over on the couch with Travis! shes snuggling his cock with her face! whoa! now shes takin anal from two guys shes never met! dirty little snuggler
by duff December 14, 2003
i just crested that guy
crest that doobie over here
by duff October 5, 2004
person or animal that just likes to fuck fuck fuck
Dam look at that lust monkey go!
by duff March 12, 2005
To be so physicaly drunk you cant function or remember anything.
Shawn drank like 20 beer last night and can't remember how he got home cause he was so,"hucked."
by duff February 22, 2005
this is a term used to describe the penis of BT lee it is a play on the word managotti which is a type of italian pasta. The managot is often used to rape little girls and Butcherthe managot has been described as being 2 inches in lenght and often makes BT uriniate on his own balls.
Oh my god watch out for the MANAGOT!
i'll give you the managot you son of a bitch!
by duff December 14, 2003
- The snuggly little patch or pasture for 'Nooglers' or 'Noogz' to 'Noogle' amongst. Similar to graizing in a pasture. ie. Comfort zone.
- I love it when you Noogle in my "NOOGLES" babycakes !!
by duff March 15, 2003