Micro: Mini, small, tiny.

Micro is also a term used in the RTS "Starcraft," as a term for modified unit control.

Micro can also refer to the descriptions of micro-organisms.

Micro as a unit of measurement is defined as: "One millionth."
"Have you seen my micro hot-wheels?"

"He was able to defeat me because he has really good micro."

"Micro-organisms are too small to be seen by the human eye."

"One millionth of an inch is called a Micro-inch"
by Vrook[K9] May 23, 2008
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An acronym for "Masturbating In the Common Room Openly," typically the common room or lounge of a college dorm. Often phrased as "pulling a MICRO."
Richard pulled a MICRO when he was alone the other day, but he was so scared to get caught that he moved the fridge in front of the door. I don't think that's very open at all.
by monstercake December 07, 2010
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very small weaved in braids mostly worn in ghettos by black women.
Girl im finna go get me some micros.
by devon thomas April 10, 2006
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A stupid fucking faggot that licks ass holes and fucks other men. He is the demigod son of Poseidon, and has a small (micro) sized penis, that somewhat resembles a nipple. He has lots of "swag", and should go fuck himself.
Micro: cya guys! Swag duces
Person: Suck a dick you stupid faggot
Micro: Can I?!?
Person: Go fuck yourself dickfuck
Micro: Okay!
by bdxhskcbv February 06, 2014
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when you’re not exclusively dating someone but intermittently experience sentimental moments with a special person
Linda: Last night Topher and I went to the park and he pushed me on the swings

Tiffany: OMG are you guys together
Linda: No we’re just micro-dating but maybe one day he will wife me up
by ybtfny July 13, 2019
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An American citizen deviod of height. A midget, shorty, leprechaun, gnome or munchkin.
Before the Fall of 2009 Micro-Americans were commonly refered to asmidgets or little people.
by JRKJR October 23, 2009
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