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Real-Time Strategy. Refers to a strategy-based computer game, generally involving management of an army or civilization.
by Geoff January 19, 2003
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Return to Sender. What you reply when someone sends you a text message and you don't want to hear anything the sender has to say.
Tom just got a text message from his girl saying that she doesn't wanna be together anymore. He replied RTS and kept it moving.
by Zinkyyyy July 07, 2009
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Rock Tit's, When a girls nipples are so hard you can see them through her shirt. Often happens in the cold or if a girl has more pokey nipples and doesnt wear a bra. May even happen during erousal of a woman. Many guys get RT's too in cold.
John: "Oh man did you see Madi's RT's?"

Alex: "Yeah those are Bonerific!"
by SuperDART May 09, 2008
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RT's is short for Retard Tingles, or the sensation one gets after watching something painfully embarrassing and stupid. This type of feeling usually follows incredibly dumb commercials, music videos, embarrassing home movies, or Animal Planet.
"Ew, man, a Fitness Made Simple commercial."
"RT's dude, RT's."
by Kaffwin January 14, 2006
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RTS: Restless Texting Syndrome

When an anxious texter sends a second message after his/her first message has not been responded to for an extended period of time.

The message is different from his/her first text message and is done in an attempt to extend the conversation for fear that his/her previous message was viewed as a conversation ender.

Feelings of anxiety, restiveness and rejection are often felt before the syndrome yields its first "restless text "
Jessica: omg this kid wont stop texting me, I didn't respond to his last text and now hes sent 3 more trying to start a new convo

Jennifer: Classic RTS
by RestlessTexterAnonymous January 02, 2010
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One of the best style of games out there. Involves having control of a nation, military force, or even a city.Hated by all those rts fags who wonder around magical kingdoms to trade gold and dance for each other.

Incudes: Command&Conquer Age of Empires
Starcraft Dune(the game)
Rome Warcraft 1,2,3
LOTR Battle for middle Earth
"Dude, my army so pwns urs"
"U guys suk i hate it this dumb game, im gonna play marowind"
"Damn I hate RTS"
by Tommy Versetti May 28, 2005
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