Usually refers to an item that is smashed beyond recognition. Can also refer to run-down automobiles, cars, houses, or other personal effects.
Man, did you see that old Nintendo someone left in that garbage can back there? It's so stomped out it looks like a puzzle.
by Path January 4, 2006
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Guy 1: Did you see that fight Tasha and Angela got into?

Guy 2: Hell yeah! Tasha really got stomped out!
by Dominique2 November 24, 2009
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To repeatedly bring ones foot down on a fallen enemy with extreme force until they give up, are unconcious or dead. For optimal results, big Timberland boots are used.
"your new name is fire cuz we stomped you out"

"i gots brains all over my boots from stompin' that nigga out"
by kila mike the stompin king February 25, 2004
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To beat down a person and/or persons. Does not necessarily entail actually kicking or stomping on someone with your feet.
"Yo this cat tried to grab my girl's ass right in front of me. Guess what I had to do, son? That's right...I had to stomp his bitch ass out in front of his peoples. Wooo! 'Coold blood-eeed!' (c) Rick James...bitch"
by D-Money April 21, 2004
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To be beaten/pushed to the floor and for someone/people to kick you into unconsciousness. (Usually in the head)
Rochelle: Ayo, did you see them niggaz split that poor white boys wig last night?

Shaniqua: Hell yeah girl, he got mu'fukin stomped OUT!
by East-New-York00121 January 7, 2011
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When a person gets floored as a result of losing a fight and their opponent dishonorably and sometimes repeatedly kicks them in the head causing severe brain damage, concussions, a broken jaw and/or death.
"Would the stand your ground law have been a good defense for Edward Norton's character in the movie "American History-X" when he stomped out the nigger who robbed him?"
by Yobetihw July 15, 2012
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the act of stomping some ones car, whip, ride out
leading to the car caring a salvaged title
more of a bay area term
from the song "hood stomped out" by Clyde Carson of The Team
Bezzie you better calm down or your gonna get your hood stomped out
by KD1 January 11, 2008
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