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an awesometastical guy who is obsessed with his hair. a ladies' man.
Sally: that guy with the nice hair hanging around all those chicks is so cool. Jo: must be michaud.
by SallyJoCool17 March 03, 2009
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Acadian, french-canadian surname meaning "half drunk". When the name is broken down "MI-CHAUD":
MI= short form of demi, meaning half
CHAUD= french-canadian slang for drunk
Hence, "half drunk"
1. "naw, I've only had three beers, I'm barely MICHAUD"

2. "Whenever I see that guy, he always seems to be MICHAUD"
by BBB, that's me from NB February 04, 2010
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French, pronounced "ME-show" n. usually unthoughtful statement/question that often leads to well-deserved ridicule. Generally derived from a lack of common sense. Used as an endearing term when one makes a bluntly obvious mistake

adj, used to describe a question that has a common sense answer
Bob, "Is Minnesota a state?"
Jack, "That's a michaud question"

Teacher, "Open your textbook to page 265"
Student, "What page?"
Other Student, "Don't be a michaud..."

Student, "Why did you write durde(dirty) on my paper?
Teacher, "It says divide?"
Student, "Sorry, I'm a michaud"

Text from Ted: 2:00P.M. "what are you doing tonight?"
Text from Kaitlyn: 6:00P.M. "sorry, I was busy all afternoon, what did you have in mind?"
Text from Ted: 6:01P.M. "what?"
Text from Kaitlyn: 6:02P.M. "You're being a michaud"

Fred: "Wanna go to the movies:
Ralph: "Sorry, i cant im going to dinner with my family"
Fred 2 hours later: "what are you doing tonight?"
Ralph: "That's a michaud question"
by Leg11t Dazzle February 21, 2011
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a 6 foot tall faggot who loves to program and goes to a french school. he is friends with mitchell and thinks he's cool. michauds also act very gay
by DeeJaySix December 02, 2008
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Michaud is the word Referring to excess build of of sperm on college dorm room drains from excessive masterbation.
Ugh bro, my drain is backing up from all the Michaud build up.

Do you sell draino? My house is flooding from the excess Michaud in my drain.

Ugh bro, felt so good blowing some Michaud down my drain!
by Silly eye bro November 14, 2018
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