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an awesometastical guy who is obsessed with his hair. a ladies' man.
Sally: that guy with the nice hair hanging around all those chicks is so cool. Jo: must be michaud.
by SallyJoCool17 March 03, 2009
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Acadian, french-canadian surname meaning "half drunk". When the name is broken down "MI-CHAUD":
MI= short form of demi, meaning half
CHAUD= french-canadian slang for drunk
Hence, "half drunk"
1. "naw, I've only had three beers, I'm barely MICHAUD"

2. "Whenever I see that guy, he always seems to be MICHAUD"
by BBB, that's me from NB February 04, 2010
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French, pronounced "ME-show" n. usually unthoughtful statement/question that often leads to well-deserved ridicule. Generally derived from a lack of common sense. Used as an endearing term when one makes a bluntly obvious mistake

adj, used to describe a question that has a common sense answer
Bob, "Is Minnesota a state?"
Jack, "That's a michaud question"

Teacher, "Open your textbook to page 265"
Student, "What page?"
Other Student, "Don't be a michaud..."

Student, "Why did you write durde(dirty) on my paper?
Teacher, "It says divide?"
Student, "Sorry, I'm a michaud"

Text from Ted: 2:00P.M. "what are you doing tonight?"
Text from Kaitlyn: 6:00P.M. "sorry, I was busy all afternoon, what did you have in mind?"
Text from Ted: 6:01P.M. "what?"
Text from Kaitlyn: 6:02P.M. "You're being a michaud"

Fred: "Wanna go to the movies:
Ralph: "Sorry, i cant im going to dinner with my family"
Fred 2 hours later: "what are you doing tonight?"
Ralph: "That's a michaud question"
by Leg11t Dazzle February 21, 2011
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a 6 foot tall faggot who loves to program and goes to a french school. he is friends with mitchell and thinks he's cool. michauds also act very gay
by DeeJaySix December 02, 2008
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