Original French settlers of northeastern America in the 17th century. Friends to the native Mikmaq, neutral in the French/English hostilities. Deported from Acadie (Nova Scotia) by the English in the Grand Expulsion. Some landed in Louisiana, ancestors of the cajun. Others ended up across North America, in France, and even England.
We're proud of our Acadian roots.
by lanteigne October 1, 2005
Residents of Acadia (Later seperated into provinces New-Brunswick and Nova Scotia). Also unique brand of hick, they drive ATVs on a daily basis. Acadians speak a mixture of french and english plus slang wich they like to call "Chiac". Download some "Cayouche" too fully understand what I mean.
Damn those Acadians know how to drink! He downed a pint of Jack Daniels and still had room for a few beers. That 8th grader is a hardcore mofo. <- True story. Yours Truly.

Chiac: "Man, j'ai mi une straigt pipe sur mon buggy. J'irai crie ma 12 dans le fridge pi en ira driver dans les trails"
by Josh The Misanthrope October 14, 2005
See Cajun.

A bunch of French-Canadian people who decided to go live in the swamps of Louisiana and put too much spice on their food.
Those Acadians know how to party!
by Me August 16, 2003
Are a generally unrecognized

métis ethnic group from Acadia (or Acadie). The Chiac are different from other Acadians as they are descendants from the Indigenous people and the 17th century French settlers. They speak their own language, which is also called Chiac, it's Eastern Algonquian-Acadian French mixed with some English. They live in the "Chiac communities" in south-east New Brunswick , Canada (Around the Coastal region, From Kouchibouguac to Cap-Pele), yet some Chiac live in other areas as well.
A Chiac Acadian is a métis Acadian living in southeastern New Brunswick
by chicoblackbear October 25, 2020
An Ethnic Chiac Acadian, sometimes spelled Chiak Akadian or Chiakkadian, is a mixed or creole Acadian ethnicity, originating and residing primarily in coastal south-east New Brunswick, Canada. They also speak a distinct Creole language, which is also called Chiac (yet some non-chiac of the region also speak the language).

The Chiac Acadians are primarily of Native Indigenous , Acadian , French/Spanish (Moors) and African ancestry by co-mingling and integrating with the Black Loyalists who migrated to New Brunswick, into the Chiac Acadian community of coastal southeast New Brunswick, in the 1780's.

The Ethnic Chiac Acadian has dealt with forced assimilation/rape/oppression/suppressed history/acculturation/whitewashing and subsequent deportation and enslavement primarily by the colonizing British. Due to this assimilation and colonization (prior, during and after the exile), many Chiac Acadians have lost a fair amount of their original dark pigmentation and features to some degree.
The Ethnic Chiac Acadian are a vibrant community, but they're essentially a forgotten people and a forgotten history.
by chiakablaklatinx1755 April 14, 2021
To take a fish head stuffed with potatoes and herbs and put it in a girls vagina, then eat the potatoes/fish head while it's in the vagina.
Guy1: Yo! did you get any skin last night from that chick.

Guy2: Well she didn't give me anything, but I gave her an Acadian Fish Dinner.

Guy1: Aww that's skanky
Guy2: Wasn't that bad, I was hungry. Might as well kill two birds with one stone.
by Sunburntbus December 4, 2010
Mostley Athletic, Tall, Smart, and Funny. Has distinct facial features like a Big Nose, or Small ears. Has few friends because he’s a loner but knows everyone. Usually expected to fail. Nicknames can also include Kkkadian, AK, and A
Wow Is that Acadian I Didn’t even recognize him, He like 5 inches and thined out a lot
by I’m me and that’s all I am December 19, 2017