A metal that is liquid at room temperature. It is typically used in thermometers, barometers, and other measuring devices. Is toxic to humans because it causes permanent brain and nerve damage. Mercury is nicknamed "quicksilver" because it was once used to shine hats and shoes before people realized that it caused insanity (Mad Hatter anyone?).
James developed severe schizophrenia within two years of working at a mercury factory.
by AYB April 22, 2003
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The closest planet to the Sun
Mercury is the fastest planet
by Donkey Kong Song February 5, 2003
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1st planet from the sun. Hot on both sides. 2nd hottest planet(second to venus, the 2nd planet from the sun). its year is the shortest because it's path around the sun is shorter(you'd be like twice as old there). if you visited venus you'd die. you step on the ground and you burst into flame. just like arizona.
hi, i'm visiting mercury. i died 3 minutes before landing.
by Eins und Eins August 14, 2005
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mercury is a mysterious person. you’ll never know what going on in their head. they have this border that they’ve built up. on the outside they’re this stone cold person who everyone is scared of but once you break through that wall they’re a completely different person. they’re the person everyone always wants to be around. they’re always there for you when you need them and they always makes the situation better with hugs, forehead kisses, and cuddles! don’t make the mistake and let go of a mercury because they’re the best thing to ever happen to you. if you’re lucky they might save your life.
“hey what’s your name?”

“oh i’m mercury.”

“hey…wanna be my friend?”
by lynn® July 1, 2021
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1) The red stuff inside a thermometer.

2) The first planet from the sun

3) A car company

4) Acting like, portraying, or a person who is being like the late Queen lead singer Freddie Mercury.
1) Young Steve broke open the thermometer and tasted the red stuff inside, called mercury.

2) No humans can ever inhabit the planet Mercury, because one side of the planet is too hot, while the other side is too cold.

3) Mr. Poe recently bought a 1999 Mercury Villiager, because his 1988 Honda Accord exploded.

4) "John is being such a mercury today," remarked Joanne, "He is wearing a spandex jumpsuit for no reason and he keeps ending everything he says with "Darling" or "Dear"."
by kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk October 27, 2004
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When one testicle in a man's scrotum is very hot and the other is very cold, as if they are mimicking the two sides of the planer mercury.
John: Man, the pocket fan I had only blew as far as the right side of my body.
Jehoshaphat: Oh boy, that would be rough.
John: Yeah, it was a real mercury down there.
by Nbtful August 31, 2015
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For describing funny colour or consistensy semen
shoot your mercury all over my face
by baggypyjamas December 8, 2005
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