23 definitions by Donkey Kong Song

An elite fighting force sworn to protect the world from the forces of Blue Laser.
Cheat Commandos, they're probably battling evil,
And each one sold seperately,
Cheat Commandos, they're always fighting for freedom,
Buy all our playsets and toys!
by Donkey Kong Song June 24, 2004
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Rareware's bear and bird sent to rescue their sister from the evil witch Gruntilda Winkybunion
It's a bird, it's a bear, it's Banjo-Kazooie!
by Donkey Kong Song February 04, 2003
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The Korean version of Cubix, MUCH better than that Cubix: Robots for Everyone show on Kids' WB!
Cubix wanna be my friend, Do change my life!
by Donkey Kong Song December 23, 2003
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