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A man using a woman's breasts as earmuffs. Usually by sitting in front or laying on the woman's stomach.
by Donkey Kong Song December 26, 2003
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An elite fighting force sworn to protect the world from the forces of Blue Laser.
Cheat Commandos, they're probably battling evil,
And each one sold seperately,
Cheat Commandos, they're always fighting for freedom,
Buy all our playsets and toys!
by Donkey Kong Song June 24, 2004
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Upon further review, it actually was this and not "West I'm Breakin' Up With You" as I previously thought. And now that I think about it, even it was that, I still wouldn't get it.
You're not getting off at the Homestar station anymore! You're riding the 7:30 Alone Train to Alones-ville! With stops at Ex-Girlfriend Junction and West Breakin' Up With You!
by Donkey Kong Song January 10, 2004
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On second thought, this is the best show ever, and it DOES pull in high ratings, and Friends and Will & Grace are great!
Donna: Kelso!
Jackie: Get outta here!
Leo: This is girls' night out!
by Donkey Kong Song June 25, 2004
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