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1. (noun) A mistake.
2. (interjection) A term exclaimed whenever someone makes ir is referring to a mistake.
1. Urban Dictionary mods made an oopsie when they put the phrase “Schrödinger’s Text” as both November 8th’s AND 17’s Word-of-the-Day.

2. When my mother’s accidentally stepped on my father’s foot, she proclaimed, “Oopsie!”
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by Smith dux Wurd November 20, 2017

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An idealization standard used to turn one opinion that may seem like a major matter to the public into an act of trying to recreate or share ideals upon how parts of the public would be better with said new standard.
(Basically, trying to turn an opinion one has into a big deal and act it upon it.)
I tried to insist an activism on how the mods of Urban Dictionary should create a political or Donald Trump category to place words in, but they didn’t follow up on my ideals.
by Smith dux Wurd November 20, 2017

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Another word for va-jay-jay, as heard on "Impractical Jokers."
Joseph: "So, when I get home to my wife, I like to play around with her strawberry smoothie."
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by Smith dux Wurd June 18, 2017

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Oh, right. Unable to define.
I made it seem like this word was undefinable, for a second there.
by Smith dux Wurd January 10, 2018

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Something someone buys from someone to look like yet another zombie off another person's name brand.
I like Minecraft SOOO MUCH! I event bought all the merchandise for it!

I'm starting this new club, actually. We even have plans on creating merchandise for it!
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by Smith dux Wurd June 19, 2017

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A person’s own habit that they tend to do apart from all or most of the other people around them.
Do other people cough into their shirts when they’re nervous, or is it more of a me-thing?
by Smith dux Wurd January 31, 2018

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A 19th birthday in 2020.
My covid-19th is in July this year.
by Smith dux Wurd April 07, 2020

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