34 definitions by Smith dux Wurd

One who doesn't take down the words they have from the past, just in case anyone(including the one who coined/re-coined said word) plans to see them.
Logical and reasoning person: Hey, dude! Great defs, bro!
Anunpublishist: Thanks!
Logical and reasoning person: Hmm... wait a minute... your definition of fidget spinner was unseen and got one dislike and nothing else. Maybe it's time to edit or unpublish th—
Now enraged anunpublishist: NO! That word is one of my FIRST! It's a RELIC, MAN! Leave it BE!
by Smith dux Wurd July 22, 2017
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When you're so confused on a topic that you suddenly become very confused.
There was confusation when you read the above definition, and realized you're not at a museum depriving yourself of boredom.

There was yet more confusation when you saw the picture at the bottom that had NOTHING to do with this word.

There was EVEN FURTHER confusation when you finally realized that what the hell museums have to do with confusation... confused you....
by Smith dux Wurd July 10, 2017
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A 19th birthday in 2020.
My covid-19th is in July this year.
by Smith dux Wurd April 7, 2020
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The female and Mexican counterpart of a shouldn't-be-that-famous US president that makes walls preventing Texan, Arizonan, New Mexican and Californian immigrants from going into Mexico, promising that she will somehow make Americans pay for it all.
Donalda Trampas probably exists, but also will almost surely not be a Mexican president any time soon, so don't worry.
by Smith dux Wurd August 1, 2017
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Urban Dictionary’s complete list of Trump definitions, of which you can find individually.
I’m sick of this Donald Dictionary crap as the word of the day 5 days a week.

Can’t there be more original words, and people who let the news figure out the news?
by Smith dux Wurd April 11, 2018
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A toy that teens use either to be part of a trend(*cough!* fad!), to make themselves look cooler, or a chance to use something remotely close to a Beyblade they could never own as a child.
Carl: Hey, Drew! Guess what I bought!
Drew: Hmmm... McDonald's?
Carl: NeeeOPE! A fidget spinner!
Drew: ...Are... are we still friends?
by Smith dux Wurd June 5, 2017
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The action or habit of estimating something as worthless.
Some may regard their own floccinaucinihilipilification unto this very defined word.
by Smith dux Wurd January 10, 2018
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