The ecstatic and thrilling feeling you feel when:
1) You see someone extremely hot.
2) Someone you love does something really sweet or good to you.
"Omg that guy's so fucking hot I'm gonna melt!"

"Last night, I melted when my boyfriend did the sweetest thing ever!"
by Sexehhh January 02, 2009
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A person who needs to man up and grow a pair. Often the 'melt' will be approached by a member of the opposite sex, only to run away and cry as they do not know what to say. This results in them appearing to be either homosexual or simply clueless about life.
Athir you're a f**kin melt.. Get back in the freezer!
by arj0610 June 30, 2013
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This is actually an old slang word for Vagina.
Used particularly in Ireland
Belfast - 'I'll knock your melt in'
Brendan Behan, in the book Borstal Boys (Dublin) - "You whore's melt!"
by Condog2 June 24, 2019
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Someone who bails out, and like an ice cube, 'melts'
For example (using a random name); Stacey Lippert You Are A Melt For Revising And Not Coming Out.
Because she bailed out to revise rather than to go out therefore is a melt.
by forrealll33 May 23, 2011
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An individual so attached to their boyfriend/girlfriend that they have seemingly melted in to form one person. Often the 'Melt' in question will refuse social invitations unless accompanied by their keeper
Where's Dean?

He's not coming, he's staying in with his bird.

Dean is such a melt!
by dannymc March 01, 2013
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When you commit to an event or say you will do something, then don't do it and make up a shit excuse.

Can be used as a noun or verb.
- "Hey Chris are you still coming to that tournament you signed up for?"
- "Naa, my plants really need a water"
- "Aw don't melt"/"Aw don't be a melt"
by cakenebula November 04, 2014
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to cum------------- from the song CANDY SHOP
melt in your mouth girl, not in your hands (ha ha)
by doug February 13, 2005
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