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another word for buggin or trippin. don't know for sure where it originated but the first time i heard it used was in the county jail in '04' by somebody who was well respected in my hood and in the jail. when people in the (my) hood feel like a word is played out, sometimes they give another word the same meaning. like 'i'm chillin' became 'i'm coolin' became 'i'm loungin' became 'i'm lampin' and eventually became 'i'm easy'.
AG: "yo, we should run down there and rob one of them doughboys".

Murdah: "what?, you meltin! we gone walk down there instead and rob them all".
by LastLogo October 07, 2010
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It describes a person, place, or thing

1.annoying who isn't being his/her self.
3.when someone or something is done wrong

1.Your friend call you on the phone yelling in your popping there gum in your ear just pissing you off you say " yo you Melt-in'' and hang up

2.A friend of mine in crying and i walk over and say " why you Melt-in'" (tripping',bugging or what have you)stop crying.

3.your husband or wife girlfriend or boyfriend slams your brand new car door you say "you Melt-in'
by EisHiZiT February 22, 2008
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Someone who is utterly bored by action or someone. it can also define confusion in one who is not that intelligent.
'oh mummy your meltin my tits! said bridie to her teacher'

'wat the fuck?! im melted out!'
by Eamonn and Louiseah! May 25, 2005
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