To be melted is the feeling you get when bored by something, and to melt, is to bore someone with your own subject.

It's called melt because it melts your emotions into a puddle of depression like on a grey rainy day. The facial expression whilst melted is often sad and lifeless. Then you say your face is melted. You also say your face is melted if someone is lecturing in your face and it's boring as hell.

Also note your body language, such as slouched shoulders, a tilted head, and general lack of enthusiasm, it kinda looks like your body is trying to melt, and your emotions feel melted too.

Variants: Melts, Melted, Meltdown, Meltworthy, Melting, Melthead, Melting Faces, Melting Boats (boat-races is rhyming slang for faces).
He made me watch a whole football match, it was a total melt. I pretended to show interest, but i'm never going back over there to get trapped again! I was so melted i just literally became a puddle of melt on the floor, and i slid under the door to get out of there.
by Damedus April 07, 2011
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A Belfast term meaning 'to bore someone half to death'
'OMG i am soooo melted'

by bfst December 07, 2007
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a northern irish term meaning to literally fock yer head up by confusing you when in a state of monged outness
i.e. stop it ye prick ur melting my fockin head

keeper'lit to the tokers elite, shibby
by Nate Dawg March 11, 2003
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A melt is somebody that takes something way too seriously and spends 10 minutes typing out a huge pretentious paragraph of bs over something trivial.
Oi you melt, shut up and go sell some healing crystals
by Oi dats wavy April 08, 2017
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To chill in an area for a sustained period of time
Yo dog watchu sayin tonight?
Meltin in my area juu hurd?
by Sr893 April 22, 2011
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When you shit it when someone of authority asks you a question if you've done something wrong and you get scared and brick it under the pressure and tell them everything.
Police: So where do you live
Kid: i haven't done nothing wrong please dont arrest me!
Police: all i'm doing is taking down your details don't worry sheesh
Kid 2: ahahaa no you fucking melt!
by KripsKid :P April 16, 2010
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