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A term to describe a tremendous stud, who gets all the gavwhore
Nathan defiently lives up to his last name, Melby
by Steve Jobss July 05, 2006
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Melbies are the trendy teenagers of Melbourne. These guys have absolutely no taste in music for a start. they are like older and ugly versions of babies because they constantly need to be entertaiend and they always enjoy hurting others. Melbies hang out in groups and will shout out "Emo!" If they see someone alone. These guys are failing school because they are incredibly stupid! They purposely fail exams and homework and tell stories of having sex at the age of 12. Their favourite game would be laughing at the kid with lesser random friends in Myspace. They wear tracksuit pants, hoodies and country road bags.
Melby: Woah dude, last night i fucked your mum!
Me: Thats nice Melby
Melby: Whats a fucken melby?! sounds like fuckin...shit...
Me: you obviously cant think of a word and stop swearing, people like you make Australia look like a hell hole.
Melby: Thats what your mum said to me last night dawg!
Me: Why am i talking to you?!!!
by c4lvinz July 22, 2009
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