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The penalty kick- a situation in soccer when the ball is placed on the penalty spot for a free kick at goal as a result of some bullshit a defender pulled in the penalty area. The only player allowed to defend the kick is the goalkeeper and it is their responsibility to bail out their team with a save but the goalkeeper is given a very small chance in succeeding. If the goalkeeper succeeds in saving the penalty kick they are usually dubbed a "hero" by their team. If they are scored on (which is typically the case) the goalkeeper should yell at their defender to let them know that their ass should be on the line next time they decide to pull said bullshit. On the other end if the penalty taker misses the shot then they shall be called a national disgrace, never to take a penalty again, and should probably choose a different career path than professional soccer.
1. Our goalkeeper made a sick save on a penalty kick today man. He is my hero.

2. Gk) Dude I hate my defence man.
Person) why?
Gk) cause they keep pulling bullshit plays in my penalty area and expecting me to bail their dumbasses out on the penalty kick that they conceded.

3. Person 1) Did you see Simone Zaza's penalty kick in the 2016 euro cup. He missed by a mile from 12 yards.
Person 2) jeez what a national disgrace to the Italian nation. He should pick a different career.
by theklutzykeeper December 16, 2017
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