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Meddle has to be one of Pink Floyd's finest albums, up there with Pipers, DSOTM and WYWH.
"One Of These Days I'm Gonna Cut You Into Little Pieces"

Nick Mason's spoken line on One Of These Days, the opening track on Meddle.
by hill16 April 17, 2008

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Nirvana were a band that played alternative or "grunge" music in the early 1990s. An alright band, but highly overrated.
There's nothing that Nirvana did that bands like Sonic Youth and Pixies didn't do before them.
by hill16 April 17, 2008

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A loler is a person who uses the term lol out of context, when it isn't needed, or when the topic isn't even lolworthy.
An example of a loler lolling out of context;

Me: My Granny's funeral was today.

Person #1: Oh, I'm sorry.

Person #2: May she rest in peace, lol.

Me: What?
by hill16 April 19, 2008

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Butt hurt is a term used to describe teh non consentual "hawt ghey secks". Can also mean annoyed.
Person: Why is Mark acting so butt hurt today?
by hill16 April 17, 2008

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