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(verb) interfere in something that is none of one's business.
You: Come on, tell us your plans for the party.
Me: Not now. I will tell you when that bloody bugger is not listening otherwise he will certainly meddle in and mess up everything.
by Albertina January 02, 2015

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1. An awesome music track from the famous video game - "MASS EFFECT".
2. A period of staying awake at night in order to keep watch or to pray.
1. Have you heard the song - "VIGIL"? I love it !
2. My bird watching vigils lasted for hours.
by Albertina January 29, 2015

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Someone who considers given facts and comes up with a possible explanation is called a theorist.

Theorists observe various phenomena and use reasoning to come up with practical ideas that should be proven.
The most famous theorist was Albert Einstein who gave the theory of relativity.
by Albertina March 19, 2015

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a performance consisting of seemingly magical tricks.
When I went to Berlin, I saw many conjuring tricks at a circus. They were amazing !
by Albertina January 02, 2015

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