A way to apologize without actually saying that you are sorry.

*In my opinion, it's quite gangster, i said it to a friend one day and it just stuck. :)*

my bad
"why did you do just do that?!"
"Me B! Me B!"
by Cassie_Marie December 02, 2007
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more educational bankruptcies
The ten o'clock news the other night reported meb
by CriostoirHulme August 05, 2005
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To laugh riotously, as if at a comedy club, but only at the failings of others, as if at a roast for someone you particularly hated.
When Jeff split his pants, we all mebbed so hard that Jackie shot Coke out her nose.
by Eivram May 18, 2016
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To belong to a group of homosexuals, be part of and share in the joy of group sex
I joined my local MEB last week, it's great I have met so many homosexuals in my area.
by Evil nacho September 06, 2018
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It is the abbreviation of Malomo Enouch Babatunde . They are straightforward, nice, caring,they understand, they learn from others, they don't cheat. A man who has it all and he is a black monster so hide ur wife and kids
by Ayando January 30, 2020
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