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The CDF (Civilian Defense Front) are another main faction for After The Flash with their goals being simple. To help and aid civilians in the wasteland. Their main motto is: "By civilians, for civilians"

Proper Description:

The Civilian Defense Front was founded in the mid 2030s by civilian survivors seeking to lead other refugees to a better, safer life and to a new nation created out of the nuclear ashes. Consisting of loosely united local militias with scarce equipment and training, the CDF proved to be adequately, if barely, capable of protecting its citizens from mutants, bandits, and other threats. It maintained friendly relations with the United States of America and was in the process of reintegrating into the nation when a rebellious cell of CDF backed by the MEB launched a massive coup which purged pro-American elements of the CDF. Founding the new nation "The People's Republic of Tidewater", the CDF morphed from a group of local militias to the full-blown conventional military of the PRT. By the events of ATF 6, it is simply referred to as the "Army of Tidewater." Next to the MEB, the CDF is the USCPF's Southern counterpart and greatest rival.
CDF: Is that a ACMF trying to enter? SHOOT HIM!
by MEB Railtank August 04, 2018
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Brazilian Portuguese - A studious student,a bookworm,a geek,a nerd.
It's an acronym:C (cu)D (de) F(Ferro)
Pedro é um tremendo C.D.F. ! Só tira 100 nas provas!!!(Peter is a real C.D.F.!He just takes A+ in all of his tests!!!
by Quimera87 April 06, 2006
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shortened version of the name of a uk city, cardiff
random myspace kid: omgzzzz i saw you in cdf saturday!
famous myspace kid: yeh... go away.
by anaksunamun August 25, 2007
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Copenhagen Dependant Firefighters.

This is a slang term used to refer the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection. Or more commonly known as CDF.
by Alistair MacIlherron September 21, 2009
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