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a vagina packed full of loose sloppy roastbeef. looks like a taco full of deli sliced meat. overuse and over stretching can make a meat locker out of a pussy
With one look at Amanda's meat locker I knew she had spent alot of time getting pounded by huge cocks.
by bhap August 24, 2006
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Basically its a vagina, if you put it together in your head it makes sense. Ask yourself the question, what locks meat?
I am going to punch her in her meatlocker tonight.
by blademaster21212 February 27, 2008
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An area to place your meat (dick)
Cindy also goes by Meat Locker.

Hey, Meat Locker thanks for last night!
by Big Ole Black Daddy November 16, 2005
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a nickname for a really cold room in the house due to a major draft. this usually happens when u live at a really old apartment with low maintenance.
manager: where ever apartment u choose, dont do this one. the master bedroom is a freaking meat locker!
by nobody else here April 24, 2018
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Term used for woman whose only use in a relationship is for sex
Guy 1: Hey, whose that chick you was with the other day

Guy 2: Oh her?.. she's my little MeatLocker
by ProjectBorn November 10, 2009
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