A slew of overweight, underaged dirtbags often accompanied by flannel.
I certainly hope the Meat Wagon doesn't show up to Deto's Halloween Party.


Don't tell the Meat Wagon about Katina's super secret slumber party.
by Aluminium November 03, 2008
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The Caribbean word for a hearse.
I saw the meat wagon drive by, followed by police cars and motorcycles.... there must have been a funeral today.
by Boopsie_boo October 21, 2013
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The Large reinforced vehicle of choice for any bobby looking to engage and contain Meatheads during a Meathead-Stampeed. A police transit/Riot Van.
Scarpa!! Here comes a MeatWagon!
by Jezjezjez March 06, 2007
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Your typical high school student that drives a pickup and fucks a lot of Pussy in it.
Yea the boy jacob gives a lot of girls a taste of his meat in his meat wagon
by This boi January 16, 2017
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When a guy hit's on a female online through a video game while they have kids and a pregnant wife and gets rejected so they resort to unnecessary saltiness.
This guy is a meatwagon and won't stop hitting on me so creepily even though I told him I'm not interested.
by meatwagoned April 26, 2018
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A gay orgy on a bus or an rv
Terry: Hey I signed up for that meat wagon on thursday
Bruce: Oh cool, I would've but I have plans for the gay club tonight.
by very accurate May 29, 2017
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