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1. Treats you the way you treat her. You're nice she's nice, you fuck up she'll fuck you up.
2. Really pretty.
3. Sophisticated.

4. Strong.
5. Has Booty.
6. Dedicated.
7. Dependable, but don't use her she doesn't like that shit.
8. Loyal.
9. Fun.
10. Stuborn.
11. Can put amazing effort into anything when wanting.

12. Athletic but lazy
13. Can be chill with almost everyone if you're respectful but fun or just not annoying

14. If in a relationship is bomb af (: in many ways...
Nataly is cool to be around and she's not mad annoying, she's more so relatable and you'd be surprised how chill she is
by Ultramasterx.J.A June 16, 2016
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If you know a Nataly then keep her as your best friend💯 she ain’t fake at all. She’s chill,ticklish,crazy,shy and nice at all times.ALWAYS RESPECT A NATALY THAT YOU KNOW!
Person#1 : Hey,did u hear about that new kid Nataly

Person#2 : Ya I heard she’s pretty chill and cool to hang around with!
by Rick Norman December 07, 2017
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At first a shy girl but when u meat her she's funny, happy, and crazy. A girl that gets in love easily that's why she's most of the time with her heart broken. She only likes cool guys, well they don't nessary need to be cool but they do need to be well dressed and need to be funny and nice with her. She only cares about people who care about her like her best friends or family. She only gets sad when something happens to her family or people do something bad to her. She can sometimes be depressed, she always hides something, or does fake smiles. She gets scared of everything but she believes that God will protect her even when she's doing something wrong. She's not a smart person but she has a clean heart that some people don't have. She likes comedy movies. And gets scared easily with horror movies. She's not a girly person and that's why her brothers call her gay. Sometimes she just wants to dissapear out of the world. She always cries when she gets really mad at people or gets offended. She would not know what to do with her life without ___.
She's so Nataly.
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A very caring girl. Has a very big sense of humor. She will always make you smile, through thick & thin, and will be there for you, & never forget you. She loves scary movies, and hates comedies.& it's funny that she has a sense of hunor, and doesn't like funny movies. She can be stubborn, but she does it for a reason. Always saves money for things she wants, even though she knows they'll get it for her. She's really pretty, and has nice hair. If you know her don't let her go. She's real & she'll never forget you. So dont forget her.
Kid#1: Do you know nataly?
Kid#2 : Which one?
Kid#1 : The chill one ! The one that didn't even know us, & she's like what's wrong ! You gotta know her !
Kid#2 : Oh yeah. i think im in love then.
by nataly12345 January 21, 2012
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one crazy ass bitch, but down as fuuuck!
a REAL best friend, would you wish you could have gotten to know her!
That chicks down but crazy, that chick is a nataly!!
by jonmh December 11, 2009
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An uncommon name for an unique person. She's a very trustworthy person but she would tell her best friends anything that has been told to her because her friends are what matters the most. She deeply cares for her family. Kind to everyone but not those who had hurt her feelings. A Natalies is not as smart as you think she is, she studies a lot as if she yearns to be a nerd but deep down she secretly wants to be a party girl. She will respect your decision unless it's something terribly stupid. Never try to switch a Natalies on. When she gets feisty or furious with you, she's ready as hell to slit your throat.
A Natalies has a lot to learn. She wants to be the best but she knows she can't, that's why she can't help but put in all her effort into something she is really passionate about
by Celestia.L February 16, 2017
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