When intoxicated a person is reduced to a primal state of mind, they act like a Meathead. Also Meating Out.
Jordan will occasionally meat out when he is trashed and headbutt people.
by Jim Mass. April 22, 2008
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A phrase similar to : rock out with my cock out or hang out with my wang out.. This term is for gangsters...It is used to suggest that your going to go out and let loose and have sex with any girl that is down... It can also be used in a literal form all you have to do is go hang out with people and take your penis out. This phrase was originated in Virginia Beach VA the home of the true players.
Bro! I haven't got laid for a week .. Tonight I'm gonna be G'd out with my meat out.
by P-young March 12, 2012
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When a girls cooter lips are too short and her pink junk is showing.
Merry came out of the shower the other night showing her upside down taco with the meat hanging out. Scary!
by Shardcard February 16, 2007
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When it's too hot in your room and you can't get comfortable so you just take all your shit off.
Heats out, meats out: When you're too damn hot in your room so you just take your damn clothes off.

Hey bro why the fuck are your clothes on the floor?

Oh you know man, heats out meats out.
by SourSweetYeet July 2, 2018
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When one unexpectedly ends an act of sodomy with another in an outdoor setting with temperatures below freezing.
Preston was quite surprised when Chandler pulled the meat out of the freezer.
by All Bets Hedged March 31, 2020
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