Xi(also known as Maximiliane) is a pretty
nice and wonderful girl.
She is a Emo but is still one of to nicest person you will ever be able to meet on this planet.
by tag7 April 26, 2019
Maximilian Alexander hast the biggest penis in history. He is a Sex bomb, cute as hell and a beauty. Another Word for him ist just perfect!
The Best Sex Position is just Maximilian Alexander!

His penis is Not 30 Not 40 cm long, he is Maximilian Alexander!
by MrGamerHoes January 5, 2017
He’s weird. He’s annoying, a lot of girls like him. He never responds to texts. He obsesses over sports and is a big jerk. I feel kinda bad if u know someone called Maximilian yip.
OMG it’s Maximilian yip! Run for your life.
by jesficks December 19, 2019
A very special human being from the country of Poland, even though, this person is physically incapable of locating the country of Poland on a map. These people have also a very good skill in learning languages as they can usually only swear in polish, speak like an illiterate in english and cannot put a complete sentence in spanish even though they have been learning it for five years. They like mocking people called "Rodwin" that they have 2 fathers, even though, they have been repeating this joke for well over a century. They also like very white women with big booties.
Maximilian Novakowski, Is Russia a continent? Max : Yes, it is right next to the USSR.
by SmartBois May 26, 2021
Person 1: kennst du diesen maximilian ostrusska?
Person 2: ja ur der hs
by maximilian ostrusska January 16, 2022
Sugar Caine very dumb fails math fortnite addict really wants burnout
Maximilian Caine Meier is a problem.
by Fjfdjgsrijogrejiogreioj October 13, 2020
Musician and writer. With impeccable hearing. Lives for each moment and is in his own personal bubble of life. He’s funny, doesn’t kiss and tell, doesn’t fall in any category but his own Mr.mysterious, Mr. Grey, and James Bond. At the end had me saying random words as I took a walk on the wild side. Red pill toes curled broke my mind. Best thing is his secrets stay with him with no repercussions. Just between one another. He doesn’t judge, just lets u be u lest loose live a little. Never disturbed or walked in on some how he’s got something so rare and out of this world. A legend in the making. Old school made new. The kinda guy I loose all control and love it cuz he’s in control. Pillow talk. 😍
Omg, don’t stop Maximilian Jin foster

Girl you have no idea, my eyes rolled back, squirted, and blacked out. Told me I was speaking gibberish. He stoped and asked if I was ok. Then kept going! Omg if you only new how it felt!!
by Jessicaroleplay😘 February 1, 2021