You are a kew mother fucker but I am Maximilian. or I am the maxmilian of sex machines.
by twat stain June 21, 2003
The most amazing and handsome man on earth. (sometimes mistaken for Sid the sloth) No one will make you feel more amazing than a Maximilian will. He knows the way to a girl's heart. He can put a smile on any girls face. But he puts a smile on Chesle's face the most. This man is an amazing kisser and a wonderful love maker. He knows his limits and how to make Chesles feel great. He loves sushi and is an extreme romantic. He can keep secrets and will be your best friend when you need him to.
Girl 1: Oh she is soooo lucky to have a Maximilian.
Girl 2: I know right! I'm so jealous.
by ilovethisboy October 3, 2011
Really cool guy. His bulge is exploding with goodness and joy. He'll pull it out when necessary, though. All girls love him, and he gets laid every day. If you have a Maximilian, count your blessings.
John: oh hello Maximilian
Maximilian: sup dude
Jazmine: omg look at his bulge
by name_analyzer'21 December 16, 2019
all austrians are named maximilan or max. if they are not named maximilian, they are not true austrians, and all those who claim to be maximilian but not austrian are lying. Also, max don't have sex with your ex.
Oida 1: Jo Kamerad is that an Austrian?
Oida 2: idk, is he named maximilian?

Oida 1: JAWOHL
by SuperAustriaHater88 April 16, 2018
You just don’t understand him. He says something but means something else. You love him and then you can’t stand him. He’s the most annoying guy you know but the most amazing one at the same time. All your friends tell you to let him go, but it’s impossible, because everyday it feels like you get to know him more. And then suddenly, he’s closed shut and you don’t talk for days. And that’s all you want to do, talk to him, but you don’t know how to.
It’s not easy being in love with Maximilian.
by lovingserale November 12, 2019
Max means he has a gigantic penis and all the ladies love him. Max gets all the booty!
Maximilian: what up honeys?

Girls: can I smash you?


Did you see Maximilian? He's the one with the large penis?
by Janine_hates_her_ex123 November 22, 2021
Its Maximilian asks out his Crush day his crush is Elma...
It is the day when Maximilian and Elma god out and in the end of the day the go home and fuck til they fall à Sleep...
Maximilian is cool
by Sweplayz HD October 22, 2019