Maximilian is someone who pretends to like you and then decided you aren't good enough. All Maximilian's tend to be assholes who think they're better than others when in fact they aren't.

Once you do fall in love with a Maximilian it is hopeless.

The problem with them is that they are charming and can make you believe anything they want you to believe.

Your best bet is to keep away from them and not let them get to you. Otherwise you will be cursed for the rest of your life because you will not be able to forget him. He will turn you into something you aren't.

He might seem like the guy of your dreams but in the end all he wants is sex.

Women do not need Maximilian's in their lifes.

The crucial point is; if you do have a Maximilian in your life, never tell him how you feel about him. He will crush your heart into a million little pieces.

This word can also be used as a synonym for any of the description above.
Girl 1: "OMG, I met this guy yesterday and he is amazing. I think I am in love. he said the nicest things to me. His name is maximilian."

Girl 2: "keep away from him. he's a Maximilian. he doesn't mean what he sais to you and will break your heart."

Girl 1: "OMG, i met this guy a few weeks ago. He is so charming and loving. He has been saying all these sweet things to me. he is serious about it, i can feel it.

Girl 2: "Good for you but be careful. He might be a Maximilian."
by TOPYFLOPY October 17, 2010
A person who usually gets on their peoples nerves. He is usually found playing Xbox with his friends and avoiding all contact with other humans
Person 1: let's go do something with Maximilian

Person 2: year but he probably can't go

Person 1: I'll still ask...
Maximilian: Sah, I can't go
by NAHS lyfe August 4, 2016
A man who likes nintendo, is gay 80% of the time. He is whiter than clouds. He even claps when the plane lands.
"Stop liking nintendo, your such a Maximilian!"
by Tikki masala January 26, 2020
Very very very very very annoying. Smelly and small. Definitely gay
Definition of a Maximilian mean is they smell
by 98839jett November 24, 2021
A straight up pussy. Maximilian’s are usually the bitch in the relationship. They are also slow, very slow. But lovable at times.
Maximilian: I’m scared of everything !
by coochiecrabs May 3, 2019
A Maximilian Andrej D, is a precious, out of this world person, he is so sassy that you would just have to follow his commands, he likes to be a bad boy, he's tall and is shy around new people, he loves hedgehogs and witches, he is an absolute Queen and he's not afraid to be honest, remember he's not mean he just likes to be honest...
"That Maximilian is so sassy, the way he smokes that Russian cigarette is mind blowing"
by Babehitshome December 11, 2018
A great guy. Makes many sarcastic, quick-witted jokes. He will lure you in with his cuteness, and make sure you feel comfortable. Confident, and not at the same time. He's a quick thinker, organized, and uses powerful logic to reason. Aspiring athlete, businessperson, student. He's one to love, or hate.
Wow, I was hanging out with Max (Maximilian), and gosh, he's too cute.

Maximilian (Max) would fit great with people who's names start with B or L or E.
by RealLeatherGOT July 23, 2019