He’s spoiled brat who thinks that he’s the best person in the world. His hair looks like a blond wig. He’s always flexing with everything he has.
by SKINNY 🌳 May 14, 2020
Maximilian is one of the kindest and most caring human you will ever meet. When you are with him you feel like you two are the only persons on the world. He makes you feel like you are the Beautiful and he loves to do compliments. Maximilian is a big simp and there will be no time for you to not think about him. The problem ist that often he is really shy in front of other people. He doesn’t like party’s with a lot of people but he loves to my with his close friends. Maximilian has a problem with people that always tell others how they are feeling because he does not like to talk about feelings. He is absolutely beautiful
I want someone that makes me feel being loved and is there for me when I’m at my lowest

Oh you should get a Maximilian!!
by lunasavata January 28, 2022
A Maximilian is guy, who girls immediately fall in love to
1. Oh look, who is that boy overthere? I think i love him
2. I know him, his name is Maximilian, but he is already mine!
by CoolboyHDLP3002 December 18, 2018
Maximilian is the name of that one extroverted, yet mysterious and very sweet guy that everyone adores. You are very lucky if Maximilian let’s you be close to him because even through the fact that he is very outgoing and can make friends easily, he is very carefull to who he openes up to.
Maximilian is always the life of every party
by angel888 November 21, 2021
Maximilian is a very sexy person in the bed ;) he will make you so horny that you go crazy for him. He is great in the bed too.
Girl 1: what type of guy do you want?\
Girl 2: i want a Maximilian
by Guidd November 21, 2021
So hansome you'd have to becarefull not to get blinded by his gorgeous face. You cannot compare this guy with anyone else or it wouldn't be fair. He has a very peculiar taste for girls that arouse him ;)
basically everyone: Wow he is sooooo gorgeous! I cant feel my eyes anymore!!!
the rest: He is probably a Maximilian.
by Maxihmmm December 21, 2021
a very handsome person. mentally and physically strong, a Maximilian will do anything for anyone but can easily cut people off who don't show appreciation back.

Passionate and romantic. Not only is he a man that is honest and trustworthy but he has the power to make any girl fall in love with him just by using his words. He is physically beautiful and loves to play sports. Also he's great at holding conversations. He will never play with your feelings but he will sure let you know if he thinks you are playing with his. He speaks his mind and is very independent. Loves to eat and is a great person to ventilate your deep thoughts too. Model attributes and can make even the hard to get girls chase him. Amazing kisser and even a better lover. Once you meet a Maximilian you will be never miss his attantion.

And once your in the inner circel he shares everything with you.

And remember the Name Maximilian had German King before. 🤴
You have a Problem? Okay Tell Maximilian.

You need help? Wait a have a friend call Maximilian He helped me the last time very fast.
by TheKingsname November 22, 2021